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3mm x 20mm AFM Mini Terp Slurper

3mm x 20mm AFM Mini Terp Slurper

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Introducing the 3mm x 20mm AFM Mini Terp Slurper, the ultimate accessory for enjoying your concentrates. With its superior design and exceptional quality, this Terp Slurper is a must-have for any dabbing enthusiast.

Crafted from 100% high-quality quartz, this Terp Slurper is built to last. Its 3mm thickness ensures durability and provides excellent heat retention for optimal dabbing sessions. The flat top with a beveled edge offers a sleek and stylish appearance while allowing for easy loading of your favorite concentrates.

The 20mm bucket provides ample space for your concentrates, allowing for efficient vaporization and maximum flavor. The full weld bucket joint ensures a secure and airtight connection, preventing any vapor from escaping. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to smooth, flavorful hits.

Equipped with a domeless nail, this Terp Slurper offers convenience and ease of use. The polished joint adds a touch of elegance while ensuring a seamless connection with your rig.

Customization is key, which is why we offer a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Choose from 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm, and select between male and female joints according to your rig's configuration. Additionally, we provide options in 90 degrees and 45 degrees to accommodate your preferred angle.

Experience the next level of dabbing with the 3mm x 20mm AFM Mini Terp Slurper. Unlock the full potential of your concentrates and indulge in the purest flavors. Elevate your dabbing experience today.

Available Options:

  • Size: 10mm / 14mm / 18mm
  • Joint: Male / Female
  • Angle: 90-degrees / 45-degree
  • 3mm Thick 
  • Flat top beveled edge 
  • Made from 100% high-quality quartz
  • 20mm Bucket
  • Full weld bucket joint
  • Domeless Nail
  • Polished Joint
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